Some existing Maps have quite interesting content hidden within them, but will not fit into my concept for BB.

So I got the idea to provide this content within Mini-Mods.

This is an experiment of some sort, and I'm already curious about, whether this catches some interest or not.

So, feel free to send every comments you have in mind.


Mini Mod 01: "Back to Earth - Cheat Map"


While doing some trigger-related research I had to find out, that there was quite some content within the earth map hidden by the developers. So I've created a copy of the earth map, where all this content is visible and useable now, and integrated the map into the main game after that.

Now this special map can be acccessed by entering "Castle Prison" after speaking with Lord British at the Beginning of the game. The Back Teleporter now leads to this Earth Map, from there you can return to the front of LB Castle or try out one of the following:

o Teleporters to positions all over Britannia (Best to use with my "Freedom Mod" preinstalled, so that you can walk back to Britain then)
o Teleporters, which changes the complete armor set you wear
o Collect all the Armor and Weapons, which had become visible now
o Bake your own Bread within Avatar's House

Quick Install instructions:

Just as for "Beautiful Britannia" I use a simple batch file as Installer, so it will be working on any system,
starting from Windows 98 up to Windows 7, and on x32 and x64 systems.

* Unzip the Release into your Ultima IX install directory (where u9.exe is located, otherwise the Installer will not work)
* Now you have a new directory within your Ultima IX install directory, named BB, with a Subdir named BBMini01, further the Installer called BBMini01.cmd

* To the next please run BBMini01.cmd
* At the first start the Installer creates a Backup of the original files in the BACKUP Subdir of the BBMini01 directory.
* Enter 1 for installing the BBMini01 (Enter 2 for restoring the previous installation)
* The Mod works not only with new games but also with every existing savegame!