Unfortunately, the team has been finding it difficult to have time available for development over the past few years.  Additionally, our internal systems were partially knocked out by a recent server upgrade.  I spent some time earlier this month getting all of our databases and systems up and running with the latest versions.


Images are however no longer functional thanks to changes in how Google Photo Embeds work (not sure how long our photo gallery has been down actually) and Google Plus is also gone.  I will be looking at alternative solutions to the photo gallery situation over the coming weeks.


Behind the scenes, additional work has occurred with Terrain and model exporting to a Unity-supported model format since 2017.   Our Python Tools for game file editing have been received some sporadic development over the past few years.  Recently, however, I have begun to focus on getting these codes completed, you can check our the relative status of them at our status page.  The major GUI enhancements are progressing quite well with the more polished aspects remaining a lower priority.  The Trigger Editor is at present the only tool that still requires significant code work.  Once I have completed the tools (at least to a fully functional state), I will shift my attention to getting the next patch completed.


- Iceblade